About Us

Balance Street Practice serves approximately 14,377 patients. Our current clinical team is made up of 6 GPs, 5 of whom are full time, 1 part-time. 2x Practice Pharmacists, 2x Qualified Nurse Practitioners, 3x Nurses and 3x Health Care Assistants and 1 Phlebotomist.

We are a dispensing practice for over 4,900 of our patients and offer outreach services from University Derby and Burton hospital (UDBH). We also run independent services such as Audiology, Ultrasound, private physiotherapy and osteopathy.

Providing high quality, safe and effective medical care for all our patients.

Continually striving to improve our patient services and facilities to create a safe and effective environment reducing potential risks.  We pride ourselves on our friendly, approachable and accommodating patient- centred setting.