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Test Results

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There is no need to phone or make an appointment for your test results, unless your doctor has requested that you do. If so, please call between 14:00 and 16:00.

Doctors read all test results when they arrive at the surgery and will contact you if you require a follow up appointment.

In order to maintain confidentiality, results of investigations will only be given to the patient themselves or to the parents/guardians of minors, unless it has been agreed with the doctor that the results can be given to a third party.

Results are not able to be given out over the telephone.  If needed, your doctor will contact you to arrange a follow-up appointment or to make recommendations.

If you receive a letter requesting you come in and discuss your results please do not be alarmed; it is a system we use to ensure certain results are discussed face to face. It may be that we need more information or need to alter medication.

Laboratory Specimens

All specimens, such as urine, must be handed in at reception by 11:30 weekdays in order to link with the hospital courier. Please ensure your full name, date of birth and address is clearly written on the sample bottle.

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